Old typical Serbian house

Old traditional houses from years 1860 are a favorite hotel for visitors due to the fect that they cooke only traditional food.

View from one of the rivers

Serbia is known for the big number of rivers, like Danub in Belgrade (capital city) and across them are fantastic night clubs.

Zrmanja waterfall

Zrmanja is one of the most fantastic rivers in serbia, with waterfalls, canyons and clean water. Lot of sports can be practiced like canoe.

Serbian hills

Untouched part of Serbia with lot of secrets to explore like caves is a wonderful place for a picnic with your family.

Winter sports

If you go there in winter you can enjoy playing some fantastic sports like skiing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Serbian Country Pictures

Vrnjacka Serbia
Vrnjacka Serbia | Where is Serbia

Golden Pines Mountain
Golden Pines Mountain | Where is Serbia

Old typical Serbian house
Old serbian house - Where is Serbia

Morava river
Morava river - Where is Serbia

Rafting sport
Rafting water sport - Where is Serbia

Ski sport
Ski sport - Where is Serbia